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LIVE Rugby- Sweden vs Holland in Trelleborg

This Saturday Sweden is playing Holland in the European Cup. The game is played at Pingvins pitch in Trelleborg, Pilevallen, this Saturday the 31st at 3am. So put on your Lugi/swedish colors get yourself down to Trelleborg. I think Pingvin is arranging a BBQ and a something-something at the clubhouse as well.


A farewell party for JP!

This thursday 16th of October everyone is welcome to a farewell party for JP, he is leaving us after coaching the mens team, helping the ladies sort out their scrums, working the socials and organizing the clubhouse with funny little notes. He will be greatly missed! If you want to come down and give him a proper goodbye the festivities start at 7pm with soup and sauna. The ladies will prepare for saturdays district championships but will join in afterwards asap, so dont turn off the sauna boys!

The program will be as follows:

19.00 Sauna
19.45 Soup
20.05 Quiz on J.P
20.35 Sing along with J.P (J.P will entertain you by singing 3 of his favourite songs)
20.45 Challenge J.P ( This is were you can challenge J.P at anything and if you beat him he will be punished ) Max 15 challenges.
21.00 J.P shares His top Ten Lugi moments as he looks back over the season sharing with you his highs and lows as a lugi coach.
21.15 J.P entertains you with 10-15 Min’s stand up comedy
21.45 so you think you can dance J.P shows some old school moves
21.50 J.P becomes DJ as he entertains you with his unique brand of music
23.00 Bye Bye J.P

Rob, JP and the rest of LUGI hope to see you all there!

LUGI love


Training at Linero IP tuesdays 8pm and thursdays 7pm

So, now the time has come for pre-season training. It is now we lay the foundation for next years fitness and glourious wins. Do you want to play better rugby than you did last year? Start your workout now. With 28 weeks until game-season you have a chance to be in better shape than ever with a small effort. One intervall run and one visit to the gym a week will give you 28 hours of weight lifting and 28 hours of legpower on gameday. Would not that be nice?

Want to improve your passing skills, timing of runs and communications as well? You are in luck! The club has booked the pitch at Linero IP for RUGBY training twice a week for ten weeks until christmas. Tuesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 7pm. Wear fotboll shoes for grovel or running shoes. Remember it gets cold in the Swedish winter, but with the proper clothes you will have a fun practice. Recommended outfit is underpants, track pants, shorts or knickers, undersweater, fleece and a rugby sweater, a windstopper hat and gloves. And bring a warm jacket for the bike ride home.

To get to Linero you need to bike for a nice warm-up, those who aren’t biking, get there on time and start warming up!