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Lugi Lions Fantasy League

The 2011 Rugby World Cup in less than two weeks away!

And so I am pleased to announce that it is that time again ladies and gentlemen: time to start putting together your fantasy rugby team. Signing up is free and can be done at:

Following the 6 Nations earlier this year, I must admit disappointment at allowing a former player – and a pommie bastard, no less – walk away with the glory. It was however a long and close fought battle, with many bruised egos and lost beer-bets.


I think us local lads can do a lot better this time. But of course, we will keep the competition open to anyone associated with the club: past, present, future, friend or family.

The Lugi League has the imaginative name of ‘Lugi Lions’ and has the PIN number 1372.

So read up on the rules and start thinking about your team. This is what you’re up against.


The first round games are as follows:

  • New Zealand vs Tonga
  • Scotland vs Romania
  • Fiji vs Namibia
  • France vs Japan
  • Argentina vs England
  • Australia vs Italy
  • Ireland vs USA
  • South Africa vs Wales

Lugi vs Helsingborg, 20th August 2011.

It is with a little trepidation that I take over the match report reins from our usual journalistic maestro. However, I hope to do Jim justice.

First up, I think it is fair to say that with the arrival of new exchange students, there was a sense of anticipation to see how the new recruits would fair, and none of them disappointed.  Discipline was the order of the day from our skipper, Paolo. One new player remarked after the game about how he got a little bit ‘scared’ by the speech given by Paolo (about how we should be disciplined as a side and not give away silly penalties or get involved in the darker parts of the breakdowns). With all this said, I think it’s safe to say that we were all a little surprised when Paolo was not only the first warned by the referee, but also given a yellow card 15 minutes into the game for repeated infringes. This all but signalled the end of his day as a suspicious ‘3 stud shaped’ looking cut to the head led to him spending the afternoon in the emergency room. The less said about his departure from the field the better.

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Membership fee

On the Annual Meeting 2/3 2011 the membership fees for 2011 was decided as follows:

Senior – 1200 SEK full year 700 SEK half year

Junior – 600 SEK

Support members – 300 SEK (Oldboys, Family members, Friends, Fans and LUGI lovers…)

Pay your membership fee cash to Paolo or Mia-Maria Nordlund or (much better!!!) put money to our POSTGIRO account 797887-7. Make sure to state your name and birth number when paying to the bank account. If you are a support member paying send and email to our email account after paying so we can put you on our supporters mailing list.


Karlstad vs Lugi, August 14th

Most of what needs to be said about the match against Karlstad has already been said. Poor attendance at training damages our game. Getting up at six in the morning makes us drowsy. Travelling for seven hours saps the strength from our legs. It’s hard to turn that around and with the exception of a few passages of play, we never did.

I’m going to keep it relatively brief in this match report, point out a few of our strengths and weaknesses and highlight what needs to be highlighted.

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Lugi RK vs. Stockholm Exiles, August 6th

The fifth chapter of our 2011 season took place in Lund, in our second home game. This time we were facing Stockholm Exiles, a team well known for their fast and fierce players. It was the 6th August and it was our first game after a three week break from rugby practice, well deserved if you ask me. The weather was perfect, warm and almost no wind at all. We entered the pitch with 15 players, new personal goals, great self-confidence and with the mind set of have fun no matter what. As some of you readers might know, I was one of the 15 players on the pitch this day and I find it hard to remember details about the game and how we played. I’ll try my best to tell you an over-all story about the game and its highlights.

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