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Rugby for Everyone


With the inclusion of rugby 7s into the Olympic program, our sport is reaching a wider audience than ever before, as the number of men, women and children playing and taking part in rugby is ever growing. In the world of rugby, a large emphasis is placed on the values that rugby teaches and gives to those involved in the game, which are; integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect. More about rugby’s values can be found on the World Rugby website. It is around these values that Lugi models itself as a club and we are always looking to welcome those who buy into these values and want to experience a sport that is unique in the way it welcomes newcomers.

Whilst most peoples views of rugby are of big, burly men chasing each other around a muddy pitch (and this still applies in some cases), the evolution of the game has seen a bigger emphasis on the core skills such as passing, evasion and handling that are included in the game. With this in mind, rugby is truly a game for everyone, no matter what size or shape and our philosophy at Lugi is to find out what you do best and help you realise your rugby potential!

Some quick stats about rugby;

  • Global participation is at 7.2 million and growing
  • Women’s rugby is one of the fastest growing team sports in the world, played by 1.5 million girls and women
  • In total, 117 countries are members of rugby’s governing body, World Rugby