Viktor Cordes (Captain)


Hello ladies…


Age: 23

Position: Second row, third row, centre and occasionally prop forward.

First Rugby Memory: An ad for peanut butter in a Donald Duck magazine showing what the manliest of the manly have on their sandwich.

First Try: After 4 years of playing rugby as a second rower I got  demoted (Ed: he means promoted) to playing as a centre. Then I scored my first try and ended up as one of  the top try scoring players that season.

Pre-game Meal: Nothing special. Just stay away from carbs before since I get a bit tired after eating carbohydrates. So basically chicken, eggs and some broccoli.

Fun Fact: That I’m Swedish but can’t take one snus without vomiting!

Other Interests: Most forms of training, coaching and helping others in the area of training and nutrition, music, cooking and singing in the shower.

Goal for the Season: Growing as a player and take more responsibility. Also getting to the highest level of fitness that I’ve ever been.

Favourite Quote: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the (fucking) rain!”

– The one when you don’t pronounce the word within the brackets is made famous by the novelist Vivien Greene

– The version when you use the word within the brackets is made famous by the fitness model Greg Plitt.

Favourite Player (Lugi and/or Other): Jonah Lomu. To be able to run at those speeds whilst being that big is phenomenal.  And to have the English national team building their tactics around this particular player to try and win a game leaves him in a category all by himself.

Three Dinner Guests (dead or alive) and Why:

Elliott Hulse. Amazing man who has taught me a lot just through YouTube (go and check out his channel on YouTube named Strength Camp).

Ellen DeGenerous. Seems like a kind, humorous and intelligent woman. And I strongly believe that you would never get near an awkward moment of silence with her in the room.

The Hodge twins. Yet another YouTube sensation. Funny as hell and since they’re twins they go as one! (Check their channel FastingTwins and TwinMuscleWorkout at YouTube. The first 40 seconds of almost every clip they have though might piss a few of you off but after that they actually have some great advise)

Team Mates….

Best Trainer: Iain Lednor . I don’t think I’ve ever been at a session when hasn’t been there. Sure he might have had half arsed performances if there was a social event involving alcohol the night before but still always shows.

Worst Trainer: David Lönsjö. A man with a bad boys exterior but with a compassionate and loyal heart. And since he doesn’t want to sabotage his hard earned gains I guess he might walk around the pitch sometimes when a bit more speed is really required.

Most Skilful: Andrew Sclater. Don’t really know how, but he always seemed to get through and even when standing and looking at him as he did  it I never understood how he got through. Great player, amazing skills and a humble man. But he should be a bit ashamed since it seemed like I (a swede, born and raised) knew the Haka better than an original Kiwi.

The Joker: Linus Persson. Don’t really need to explain this.

Fastest: Tobias Magnusson. Don’t know if we have determined this but he claims to be faster than I am but I can give him that since he weighs so little it only requires two stamps to send him to the United States by mail.

Most Intelligent: Ben Singelton. He knows the entire Bloodhound Gangs song, ‘The Bad Touch’! Also a true Lugi Legend in my eyes.

Least Intelligent: Viktor Cordes. He’s not even capable of riding a bike downhill without almost killing himself. Idiot!

Worst Dress Sense: Niklas Grybäck. Yellow Crocs mate, yellow Crocs….

Best Dress Sense: The collaboration of Golden Oldies who wear those fashionable  blazers at many of the events down at the clubhouse.

Worst Taste in Music: Sebastian A Hylander. One of the many who’s been complaining about my choice of music during the tire sessions that I’m in charge of every Monday. But then after admitting to me, in full confidence that I wouldn’t tell that he actually loves Ni**as In Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye West!

…Who’s the Longest in the Shower: Antonio Privitera. It’s no news to anyone how you spot an Italian in the dressing rooms. And no it has nothing to do with any matter of size as I guess most of you were thinking straight away.  But instead their whole ritual about showering. Bathroom slippers, a thin thin robe and I’ve even spotted small handbags with various fancy soaps and shampoos.