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LUGI got a chance to show how good loosers we are this weekend in Vänersborg. The spririt was good on the normal bus trip the disney trip home, and of course during the game no one ever gave up. Both men and women played with too few players, the men were outnumbered 12 to 15 and the ladies 11 to 13.

It was painful to see the skillful mens team, that beat Vänersborg last game, getting a royal ass kicking when Vänersborgs tiny wings just rounded the backline. The scores ended 106-0 but that does not say anything about how the game was played. It was a heroic effort and the guys never gave up and were still very strong in scrums and rucks. Vänersborg acted better than can be expected from any team, they made sure it was still a safe game and did not bitch, which they could very well have done. I am sure they were not at all happy about not getting the enjoyment testing their team against equals.

The ladies game was a bit more even, Vänersborg was gracious to go down to 13 players to even the ods and make it a better game. We were very thankful for this but I would have rather given them a fight with the 17 girls that last weekend gave a strong game against Göteborg. They scored a lot of tries in the first half since we did not have a fullback, but in the second half we learned to send one wing deep to avoid those kicks over the backline going in too easily. They did not run through us in the middle, and we can be proud of that, but the overlaps on the sides we really could not do anything about. The score ended 42-26, with some nice tries and kicks in the second half from Amanda, Emma and Kerstin.

I just want to say this, that when our club is getting better we need to match that. We need to be a team and be there for eachother. There are no excuses for sending your teammates outnumbered into the wild, wild west.