Hans Hallstadius


For me, rugby is The Sport. Except for the game, the best thing is the social part. You build friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Marie Sassner


“The best thing about rugby is the attitude to the game; the teams socialising after a tough match.”

Martina Vivlund

Board Member

“The best thing about rugby is that it’s a sport where everyone is useful somewhere. Each position comes with different physical requirements which means that anyone and everyone has a position in rugby that they are best suited for, and everyone can be helpful to the overall team game plan.”

Fredrik Meyer

Board Member

“You often hear that rugby is a hooligans game playes by gentlemen (and ladies of course!). The best thing about rugby is that it is true! No other sport is as hard fought, yet sportsmanlike and can be played by everyone!”

Ross Watson

Board Member

“For me as a coach it’s about seeing people develop both on and off the field, testing their limits and overcoming challenges. The best thing about it as a player is the bond you form as a team from facing tough challenged together.”

Sean Rollings

Board Member


“Best thing about rugby is getting kids off the sofa and onto the rugby pitch brings a wide variety of physical, mental and social skills which will bode well for them as they reach adulthood and beyond. “

Joakim Thilén


“Best thing about rugby is the bond you get both with your teammates as well as all the other players around the world. “

Linnea Roslund


“The team spirit: that there’s always someone there to have your back. Plus – its so multifaceted: it never gets boring.”