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Hans Hallstadius


For me, rugby is The Sport. Except for the game, the best thing is the social part. You build friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Marie Sassner


“The best thing about rugby is the attitude to the game; the teams socializing after a tough match.”

Fredrik Ljungdahl


“Best thing about rugby is being able to spend week after week with your closest friends and being a part of the community.”

Therese Grennard

Board Member
” The best thing about rugby is the family. You join a team, but you get a family.”
Isak Gudmundsson

Board Member

“Pushing your mental and physical limits on a daily basis while making friends for life!”

Ross Watson

Board Member

“For me as a coach it’s about seeing people develop both on and off the field, testing their limits and overcoming challenges. The best thing about it as a player is the bond you form as a team from facing tough challenged together.”

Niclas Wate

Board Member
“A game where all kids can find a fitting position and enjoy the friendships that come along with being part of the club.”
Dag Blomgård


“The best thing about rugby are the bonds on and off the pitch! It is very rewarding to see each other develop and become better together as a team”