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Back to school

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The endless summer is actually coming to an end and now it is time to pick up speed again (yes we do that on a regular basis thanks to Mette and her girls in RK Speed, but you know what I mean!) The season starts on Saturday with the first home game for Lugi Lionesses playing against Attila. Attila has played very well in the series and in the summer tournaments and they will come down for a good fight. Last year we won both games and we hope to do that again this year. The Lugi Lions season does not start until August 22nd with an Away game against Vänersborg, so the men have a little more time to work of their summer-fat and get into a mean lean game-machine!

During the summer Lugi has managed to have practices during almost the entire summer, even when we where exiled to play touch in a nearby park that will remain nameless. Lugi had two full teams in the Beach rugby tournament, the men were so many they even joined the home team; the girls were reinforced with strong bodies from Gotland and Vänersborg. Some touring Lugi-players made it up to Stockholm tens to enjoy great weather and an extremely well-organized tournament. I played with Gothenburg and now I have all inside info on our rivals! One of them has a sister that took SM-gold in 400 metres. 53.01. She actually made us the honor of joining us on the ride back home, so now I will never forget how fast one can run on 400 meter flat. This weekend was Copenhagen 7s, where Amanda and Malin made a wonderful effort with Speed and made it to the finals on Sunday. Sadly they got beaten by a stronger Susies saloon but I must say that it looked very, very good. Amanda then joined the team I played for in the bowl finals. She came on in the last minutes and took Bergen RK to win the bowl with two impressing runs including a rhino-step, a sidestep, a hand-off and the Amanda-special; holding the ball in her right hand palm while pointing and looking to the player on the left to fake a pass. The conversion was not too bad either! It is pure joy to see Amanda play centre in Sevens, it is no accident she made it onto the national squad.  Maybe next year we can represent Lugi with two full teams on all the three traditional summer tournaments? Sure, playing with 5, 7 or 10 players is not the same as 15, but is valuable fitness and contact training during the summer months. And it does give some more love for the sport, meeting other Rugby freaks on and off the pitch.

The Thursday quiz-nights are a success, it is quite interesting how it can be fun to sit and not know answers to questions, but it is! Come join us after practice and enjoy Gav’s well-composed quiz! If you get more than 50% you have a fair chance of winning =)

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