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Game report Attila vs LUGI lionesses 20090919

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The final game in the ladies “Kvalserien” was set to be played in Stockholm against Attila. The home game against them was won and we really wanted to win this one, since we lost by margins against Trojan previous weekend and it was the last game of 2009.

8 players and a coach drove up in an undecent hour through Smålands fog and we met up with 3 other players in Stockholm making a team of 11 players. Since we went down in numbers when Attila came down to visit they repayed the favor and we started with 11 to 12. But what a selection! We had two players who were going to play their first 80 minutes in the scrum since their broken bones placed them on the sideline, Kristin came on to prop and Kerstin to hook. Complemented by our cop it was a fierce front row and a stable second with Caroline and Gabby making a really tight five. Amandas foot was in decent shape and as centers we had our fast big girls, Sofia and me ready to crash through every 08:er in full speed. On the wings new Fiji and Stina/Kiki were ready to wriggle their way to the try line.

The excellent ref started the game by telling us that we did not need to punch the other players in the face but that he would take care of that. Ladies Rugby must be a bit tougher in Stockholm.

We started with recieving the ball and made good use of it, Attila was on the move but after our first two tries it felt confident that we had a chance although our numbers were down. Then after a backline play Amanda was not getting up. We did not hear so much more on the pitch but we understood it was bad since they stopped her from going on. Later it turned out to be a broken collar bone and 6 weeks of recovery.

Sofia stepped up to play 10 and now we were 4 in the backline. The fight went on and the forwards dominated the set pieces and drove Attila backwards. In the open play Kristin, Kerstin and Caroline made massive gains with continuous offloads, the backs and forwards supported eachother and we did not give an inch. Attila made some nice breaks when the recieved the ball at kickoff but we managed to close the gap on the wing, fiji showed that she could deliver great tackles and then we made three more tries and the game was on again. The last 20 minutes everyone was gasping for breath after 60 minutes of 10s but we never gave up. The last two tries from Attila would not have happened if we just  had a bit more stamina, but we truly gave everything we had. When the whistle blew Lugi players got effected by gravity and landed in the wet grass, but after a couple of seconds of air the mood and our bodies were up again, and it felt like we won. We had the best passing game, the best offloads and the best improvs I have seen all year and we protected that defense line like Lionesses guarding their game. Even the ref felt obliged to inform our coach how impressed he was with our intensity. I amsad we lost, and that Amanda got taken out, but all things considered I am very excited to see that we can play really fun Rugby. Our exiled water boy gabriel said it was the best he had seen the girls play ever.

As for the tries they were put ovr the tryline by

Lotte 5p

Kristin 5p

Kerstin 5p

Louise 10p

Sofia 2p

ending the score with 36-27 to Attila.

No player of the match was selected, but so many did such oustanding efforts. Caroline made flying support runs, Kerstin delivered great offloads and Sofia was on her toes all the time and a very stable 10. Kristin crashed full speed into contact again and again and again… the backlines defended 4 against 6 with maximum damage and came in great speed, Stina and Lotte wriggled their way on the sides and the tight five; wow!

I have not been more proud to play with Lugi and I am looking forward to winter practice to really tighten up this machine, we have great material to work with!

Lugi Love!


first row

Kristin, Kerstin, A Copper

second row

Gabby, Carolne

Scrum half


Back line

Amanda, Louise, Sofia, Stina and Fiji