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Hi everyone!

As alway this is a last minute thing! we need around 40 bodies to work next tuesday 6/10 in malmö at a fleetwood mac concert, all the money we make goes to the rugby club.

Tell your friends and we need all the people we can get!

We meet at the club !!1945!! (bring car if you got) or you meet us at the hockey arena in malmö at 2015

Work stars at 2030 and we have to be on time!!
Some food and drinks will be served.
We fininsh when we are done… .. . more people = get home early

I need to know if YOU can come and help us – prefferably by phone – before 1500 on wednesday!

0708909210 is my number……

this is REALLY good for the clubs economy, we need everything we can get just now


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