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Coming up this October!

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Status report october,

This saturday saw a nice finish for the ladies against Attila, and the men made it up to Helsingborg for a friendly. The evening ended with a crayfish party at the clubhouse and then some. The ladies team had made excellent pies and lovely decor.

This October we have plenty to look forward to. The month will end with the Octoberfest on the 30th hosted by the mens team, on the 16th is the regional championships in Trelleborg where LUGI ladies will hope to play some good 7s, and watch some men play 15s. The LUGI lions have a previous engagement to copenhaguen Exiles and will go across the border on the 16th.

The ladies are hoping to get to play a friendly against PMS on the 23rd up in Helsingborg to get a nice finish of the season.

Tomorrow wednesday, the board will have its monthly meeting to check up on finances. If you havent payed your membership-fees for 2010 it is about time to do so, we will need to work up cash to pay for winter and pre-season training. On that note, if you want to work security on the concert on thursday at 5pm contact Stefan Tunfors on 0708909210 or Jim White.

We will also start off-season training later this October, since in Sweden the grass does not grow over the winter, although it tend to be very green. Schedules for winter training soon to come.