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Håkes Cup 2012

Published by Jim on

Congratulations to all Lugi players and supporters for a fantastic weekend of rugby. If you haven’t already, you can check out the games by clicking on read more below.

Lugi Ladies vs Göteborg

(part 1/7)

(part 2/7)

(part 3/7)

(part 4/7)

(part 5/7)

(part 6/7)

(part 7/7)

Lugi Ladies vs Denmark

Lugi Ladies vs Vänersborg

Semi-Final: Lugi Ladies vs Malmö

Final: Lugi Ladies vs Göteborg

Lugi Men vs Wexiö

Lugi Men vs Göteborg

Lugi Men vs Atilla

Kvart 1–4: Lugi Men vs Vänersborg

Semi 5–8: Lugi Men vs Atilla

Lugi Men vs Södertälje