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End of Season Meal 2014

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Thank you to all who attended our celebration of the 2014 season at Viva last night. First of all a massive congratulations to all the prize winners, you all have and will continue to represent the club so well. Thank you to those that organised the meal and to Viva for hosting us, you do a fantastic job.

Our Lugi spirit is as strong as ever and this was demonstrated beautifully throughout the evening by all those in attendance with many kind words being said and a little dancing in front of the band and the stage. Whilst that brings to an end the 2014 season, the off-season is already underway with indoor and outdoor trainings as well as fitness session being ran. Here’s to 2015.

Award Winners

Men’s Team

Player of the Year – Tobias Magnusson

Team Member of the Year – Anele Gela

Women’s Team

Players’ Player – Mican Franke-Rydén

Beginner of the Year – Sandra Olofsson

Youth Team

Boys Player of the Year – Marcus Gersbo

Girls Player of the Year – Ida Tadić

Performance of the Year – Diogo Soares, Oscar Wahlström & Samuel Hallstäde

Club Awads

Club Member of the Year – Viktor Cordes

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