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Picture challenge

Published by Lisa on

You miss your Lugi family? You want to train, play games and have social events as usual? Hopefully, this will be possible soon again, but for now, let’s remember all the good times we’ve had together the past years.

We challenge you to go through your Lugi pictures and choose the

  1. picture with most Lugi kärlek on it
  2. most epic Lugi picture
  3. most ugly face Lugi picture

and sent them to lisa.raemisch@gmail.com latest on the 31st of January : Write your name, which team you play in or when and in which team in Lugi rugby you have played and mark the three pictures with their categories Lugi kärlek/epic/ugly-face.

The best 10 pictures in each category will be voted on and the 3 winning pictures of each category will be posted on our instagram and printed to be hung up at our clubhouse.

And now…Time to go through your Lugi pictures!!!

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