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Lionesses Win Three in Ronneby

Written by on April 13, 2014
Lionesses Win Three in Ronneby

The first round of this year’s Gota Series saw ten Lionesses travel up to Ronneby to take on the hosts, Kalmar, Wexiö and Borås in the shortened version of the game. Along with our new players Amy and Sandra excited for their first ever rugby action, captain Mican couldn’t wait to get back onto the pitch after a long rugby lay-off to rehab her shoulder.

The footage from each game is included below in this report, but overall the ladies put together a great day of rugby despite being a little undermanned and with a couple of players ailing for various reasons. Our traditional slow start saw us drop the first game in a tight contest against Kalmar, a game that I know the girls would like back and which on another day, one which we would have won. The main takeaway from the loss was that it wasn’t our structure that was the problem, but just a little bit of inexperience and execution problems at the business end of the game that let us down, something that we will only develop with time.

Ladies Team Photo

However, from that loss, we responded by playing some fantastic team rugby throughout the rest of the day, with the highlight being our support play, a key in the game of sevens. The work rate of every girl meant that the scores were shared out fairly evenly across our team and being one of the reason why we ran away somewhat with the games against Ronneby, Wexiö and Borås.

Whilst the competition is not the toughest we will face in Sweden, the standard on the day helped us ease our newer girls into action and is a vital tune up before the next SM qualifying round on the 26th April in Trelleborg. The girls can be very proud of all their performances and deservedly went home with huge grins on their faces and lots of Lugi Kärlek in their hearts.

Team: Malin Andersson, Olivia Maunsbach, Sandra Olofsson, Amy Rice, Linnéa Roslund, Mican Rydén, Elizabeth Sonnenholzner, Anni Törhönen, Anna Thynell and Martina Vivlund.

Ross Watson – Ladies Coach

Lugi vs. Kalmar

Lugi vs. Ronneby

Lugi vs. Wexiö

Lugi vs. Borås



Information from the board.

Written by on April 5, 2014

Information about the proposed (and now accepted) changes to the annual fees is attached below. Along with this a family membership option will be added as an extension to any member’s current membership.

Förslag från styrelsen till nya medlemsavgifter 2014

Also attached below is the board’s answer to the motion of changing the club’s name.

Svar till motion angående byte av klubbnamn

For more information on these topics, feel free to contact the club here.

Lugi Rugbyklubbs Årsmöte 2014/Lugi Rugby Club’s Annual General Meeting 2014

Written by on March 31, 2014

Lugi Rugbyklubbs Årsmöte 2014

Dagordning (i enlighet med stadgarna)

1. Mötets öppnande

2. Fastställande av röstlängd

3. Val av ordförande

4. Val av sekreterare

5. Val av justeringsperson tillika rösträknare

6. Frågan om årsmötets behöriga utlysande och beslutsmässighet

7. Dagordningens godkännande

8. Styrelsens verksamhetsberättelse

9. Styrelsens förvaltningsberättelse (balans- och resultaträkning)

10. Revisionsberättelsen

11. Ansvarsfrihet för styrelsen

12. Medlemsavgift

13. Val av

a) Ordförande (2 år)

b) Halva antalet övriga ledamöter (2 år)

c) Suppleanter (1 år)

d) 2 st revisorer (1 år)

e) 2 st ledamöter till valberedningen

14. Behandling av inkomna motioner

a) Motion till Lugi Rubyklubbs årsmöte angående byte av klubbnamn

15. Övriga frågor

16. Mötets avslutande

Lugi Rugby Club’s Annual General Meeting 2014

Agenda (according to club constitutions)

1. Opening of meeting

2. Count of eligible voters

3. Election of chairperson

4. Election of secretary

5. Election of minutes-reviewer and vote monitor

6. Decision on if Yearly meeting has been correctly notified of an decision on quorum exist

7. Approval of Agenda

8. Committee’s report

9. Treasurer’s report

10. Audit report

11. Freedom of liability for the committee

12. Membership fee

13. Election of

a. Chairperson ( 2 year )

b. Half the number of general committee members (2 years)

c. Alternate members (1 year)

d. Auditors ( 1 year)

e. Members of the nominating committee

14. Treatment of correctly submitted motions

a) Motion till Lugi Rubyklubbs årsmöte angående byte av klubbnamn

15. Any other business

16. Meeting is closed

Lugi Lions stadgar – senast uppdaterade 20140325 (1)

Dagordning Årsmötet 2013

Verksamhetsberättelse 2013

Lugi AGM: 5th April

Written by on March 25, 2014

Kallelse till Lugi Rugbyklubbs Årsmöte 2014

Tid: Lördagen den 5 april, kl. 15:00
Plats: Klubbhuset

Om du har något som du vill ska tas upp på årsmötet eller om du vill att det ska göras några förändringar i våra stadgar så ska dessa förslag vara styrelsen tillhanda senast fyra veckor före årsmötet (så fort som möjligt). Styrelsen skall till årsmötet avge skriftligt yttrande över förslaget.

Dagordning kommer senare

Enligt förra årets mötesprotokoll ska följande poster tillsättas:

I styrelsen:
Ordförande (2 år)
Kassör ( 2 år)
Damlagets representant (2 år)
Old boys representant ( 2 år)
Klubblokalsansvarig (2 år)
Ungdomsansvarig ( 2 år)
2 st suppleanter (1 år)

Utanför styrelsen
Valberedning (1 år)
2 st revisorer ( 1 år)

Om du vill nominera dig själv eller någon annan till dessa poster så kontakta årets valberedning.
Årets valberedning: Iain Lednor eller Teresia Bengtsson

Lugi Rugby Club’s Annual General Meeting 2014
3 PM – Saturday 5th April 2013
At the clubhouse

Agenda will be set later on.

According to the minutes from our last Annual General Meeting the following positions should be filled this year:

General committee members
Chairperson ( 2 year )
1 representative of the woman’s team (2 years)
1 representative of the youth’s team (2 years)
1 representative of the Old Boys (2 years)
1 club house resposible (2 years)
2 alternate members (1 year)

2 Auditors ( 1 year)
Members of the nominating committee ( 1 year)

If you’re interested in nominating someone to these positions please contact this years nominating committee – Iain Lednor or Teresia Bengtsson

Mican and Martina make initial cut.

Written by on March 5, 2014

Mican & Martina


The club would like to congratulate both Mican and Martina for making the initial cut of the national team’s 7s squad. They are now competing for a spot in the final squad of 12 girls that will contest the two women’s 7s grand prix meets in Moscow and Brive this June. They have both put in a lot of hard work and the club wishes them all the best as they compete against some of Sweden’s best for those final spots.