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For me, rugby is The Sport. Except for the game, the best thing is the social part. You build friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Marie Sassner


“The best thing about rugby is the attitude to the game; the teams socializing after a tough match.”



“The mix of skill, physicality, teamwork and ultimately, great fun with your mates. I have been hooked since kicking a ball with my my dad in the back garden, through more than 35 years, playing, coaching and supporting.


Board Member
” The best thing about rugby is the passion that everyone share for the sport and the amazing connection you form with your teammates and all the wonderful people that put their heart and soul into the club.
Isak Gudmundsson

Board Member

“Pushing your mental and physical limits on a daily basis while making friends for life!”

Ross Watson

Board Member

“For me as a coach it’s about seeing people develop both on and off the field, testing their limits and overcoming challenges. The best thing about it as a player is the bond you form as a team from facing tough challenged together.”

Martin Tornberg

Board Member
“The best thing about Rugby is the inclusiveness and family spirit it fosters in children and parents alike.”


Rebecka Hällblad“The best thing about rugby is the people, for sure. The level of acceptance within a rugby team is amazing – nobody judges you for your ways, looks, experience and differences. Everybody is welcome just the way they are! “