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Match Report: Ladies SM Qualifier Round 3 – Trelleborg

Going into the penultimate round of the ladies SM qualifier, our girls were still atop of the qualifier rankings, and with tough and even games with the rest of the group in previous rounds, everyone knew round 3 would be just as competitive.

The team that made the short trip down to Trelleborg was unchanged from the previous weekend and was as follows:

Malin Andersson, Océane Chabrol, Cecile Kaminksi, Sara Kaminski, Agnes Lindgren, Cornelia Norén, Meliha Mehmeti, Elizabeth Sonnenholzner and Martina Vivlund.

Ladies SM Round 3 - Trelleborh

Game 1 vs. Pingvin

Having faced an understrength Pingvin side in the previous round, everyone knew that we would be faced with a stronger Pingvin side on their home patch, and as expected the girls from Trelleborg turned up this weekend at full strength.

Despite this, it was Lugi who were first to get on the scoreboard following their own scrum early on in the half, which having scrappily been hooked out, was cleaned up by Sonnenholzner who sent the ball on it’s way down the back line and eventually ending up in the hands of Martina, who cruised across the line to make it 5-0 to Lugi.

Sadly for our girls however, it would turn around from that moment in the favour of the home side, with our ladies not getting much of a say in the rest of the game. The remainder of the match can be summed up simply as our ladies not being able to secure their own possession from set pieces and Pingvin being a lot more aggressive in and around the contact area, leaving the team with only scraps to live off. With Pingvin converting their chances as they came along, they eventually ran out easy winners, putting our ladies on the back foot in the race to finish in the final.

Final Score: Lugi 5 – 25 Pingvin

Game 2 vs. Ronneby

The day’s second game saw us taking on the team that lay bottom of the series rankings, Ronneby, a team that had been strengthened from the previous week with the addition of some players from their farmer team, Wexiö.

As usual, Ronneby were no pushovers, as despite heavy defensive pressure from Lugi, they eventually broke round on the outside of our defence, only for Sandra to make the try saving tackle down the touchline. Having once again failed to execute their own set piece, Lugi conceded possession to Ronneby, but our Lionesses were the ones to benefit off of the ensuing phase of possession after Ronneby’s handling errors popped the ball up into the arms of the awaiting Sonnenholzner, who took off up the middle of the pitch before passing the ball into the waiting arms of Vivlund to take under the posts for the try.

From there the team got into a little tussle (metaphorically!) with the referee, with the man in the middle asserting his dominance and pinning our girls back time and again. But it was Lugi who would put the next points on the scoreboard, following a scrummage win against the head and some quick hands to Cornelia in the centre, who streaked away to extend Lugi’s lead to 12-0.

Having dominated the first half on the scoreboard, the second half would see Ronneby reverse that trend as they won the second half 12-7, with Elizabeth scoring Lugi’s only try. From a performance perspective the team learnt that mentally dropping focus can cause problems even against sides that should be handled easily, and whilst the win was a positive on the day, there was much still to work on.

This game would also see the team losing Sonnenholzner for the remainder of the round following the re-aggrivation of a small niggle suffered during the previous week’s competition.

Final Score: Lugi 19 – 12 Ronneby.

Game 3 vs. Malmö

Having lost to Malmö twice in the previous round’s games, the team knew that this was not only a big game in terms of determining who went into the day’s final, but also in terms of trying to regain a little of the lost pride from the previous weekend’s defeats.

However, whilst round 2’s games were fairly close, this one turned into a one sided affair in favour of Malmö. Whilst our ladies enjoyed a great deal of possession, protecting the ball well and stringing together multiple phases, they were unable to find a way through the Malmö defence. Whilst the opposition can be commended for their grit without the ball, Lugi only had themselves to look to as it was the team’s inability to get the ball to the space and around the opposition that proved to be decisive.

The first half, although resulting in a 12-0 Malmö lead, was a well played and even affair, with scores only coming off of well taken opportunities, nothing for our girls to be unhappy with. But it was the second half that was to hurt the most from a Lugi perspective as Malmö seemed to go uncontested in their quest to get over the whitewash, eventually running the score up to 31 points in their favour.

With that said, Lugi can be proud of how they finished the game, having finally got around the edge of the oppositions defence with a break from Martina and following some good support play from the rest of the team, Sandra Olofsson was able to dot down over the line to finish the game on a high.

Final Score: Lugi 7 – 31 Malmö.

3rd Place Playoff vs. Ronneby

Whilst the ladies dropped down into the lower half of the final placings matches, it was still all to play for, as in such a tight qualifier, it was key to come away with the 10 points awarded to the 3rd place finisher. Once again the girls faced Ronneby, who had failed to beat us on any occasion so far this season, but had pushed us close earlier in the day.

Again the ladies ended up in a tight and tense match, that saw an early try for Lugi coming through the tough running of Sara Kaminski as she crossed the line from close range. But with Ronneby finished the half strong with their own try, the second half was massive in terms of our SM qualification.

Lugi managed to keep their trend of starting the halves on the front foot when Martina broke through the oppositions line to take the score to 12-5. Unfortunately for Lugi, that was not to be the killing blow, as Ronneby were able to claw themselves to within two points with only minutes to spare, making it anyones game as the clock wound down. However, any worry that the Lugi coaching staff had after Ronneby’s try, was immediately quashed following the kickoff, as a safe recovery by Agnes enabled her to go forward in order to create a nice offload opportunity for the awaiting Cornelia, who stormed 60 meters for the decisive try.

Finals Score: Lugi 17 – 10 Ronneby.

With that, the ladies secured a third place finish and 10 points, leaving us joint top of the table on 42 with Malmö going into the last SM qualifier on the 4th of June in Malmö.

Whilst the ladies place at SM Veckan is not ensured yet, a 3rd place finish in the next round is enough for qualification no matter what happens in the other two regions, whilst a fourth place finish would see us depending on Enköping not winning the next North qualifier to get us to Norrköping. (*disclaimerthis is according to the coaches math skills and interpretation of the qualifier rules, thus not 100% certain).

Point Totals

M. Vivlund – 26

C. Norén – 10

S. Olofsson – 5

E. Sonnenholzner – 5

S. Kaminski – 5

Match Report: Ladies SM 2016 Qualifier Round 2 – Ronneby

Following the ladies success in round 1 of the SM 2016 qualifier, round 2 came around with the team carrying the belief from their previous performances but also knowing that they were no longer going to take the other teams by surprise.

The squad that made the journey to Ronneby had only one extra addition from the team that had travelled to Trelleborg, allowing for a little extra rotation throughout the tournament, and was as follows:

Top Row: Simon Weise (Lugi Ref), Elizabeth Sonnenholzner, Sandra Olofsson, Meliha Mehmeti, Malin Andersson, Cornelia Norén, Ross Watson (Coach)

Bottom Row: Cecile Kaminski, Martina Vivlund, Ozeane Chabrol, Agnes Lindgren, Sara Kaminski

Ladies Team, Round 2

Game 1 vs. Pingvin

With the weather threatening rain, but eventually holding throughout the day, conditions were perfect for rugby as the ladies prepared for their first match against Pingvin, the team they had beaten in the final during the previous round.

Overall, the game was a very scrappy affair, with neither team really being able to play good attacking 7s due to a combination of mistakes as well as perhaps a lack of clear thinking. The games first try eventually came off of a Lugi scrum set around the halfway line and was taken by Martina following simple use of hands and footwork to beat the Pingvin backline. Pingvin eventually returned the favour later on in the first half when the Pingvin 9 found a midfield mismatch and skipped through the line to dot down near the posts to leave the half time score at 5-5.

The half time message to the girls was for the team to calm down, collect itself and get back to basics, which the team took on board to take a lot more control in the second half through more defensive pressure. Second half trys came once again from Vivlund off a scrum place close to Pingvin’s line as well as Sandra Olofsson scoring perhaps the to finish the game following the ball being moved to the wing off a turnover as a good step to the outside to see her in at the corner.

Final Score: Lugi 15 – 5 Pingvin.

Game 2 vs. Ronneby

The day’s second game saw us take on the hosts and once again saw the ladies contest a tight game with neither team really attaining dominant phases of possession. Lugi always looked the most likely to take the spoils, but will be a little disappointed that the scoreboard didn’t reflect the dominance they should have achieved following the standard set in the previous round.

The first impact on the scoreboard was made by the impactful run of Norén off of a Lugi penalty on their own 22, simple hands pushing the ball to one of our big runners and simple footwork seeing her go through a gap and run in from 80 meters out in her home town. Martina added the second Lugi score of the game following some of her own good work at the breakdown before rounding the Ronneby defence and taking us into a 10-0 half time lead.

Ronneby had their chances in the game and on a better day would have won the match if they’d have been more precise in their execution, but in the second half it was Lugi once again who got onto the scoreboard first and once again it came from a simple penalty move and footwork, this time by Agnes Lindgren who gratefully stepped around a girl who was seemingly unwilling to challenge her rampaging run and dancing feet.

However, it was Ronneby who would have the last say in the game following an arcing run by their winger to get on the outside of the Lugi defence before running down the line and scoring under the posts.

Final Score: Lugi 17 – 7 Ronneby.

Game 3 vs. Malmö

Following wins in the opening games, the ladies were guaranteed a spot in the day’s final no matter the result against Malmö. Following two sub-par performances in the other games, the ladies really started to perform and play to the standard they had produced in the previous round, and with Malmö also playing to a high standard, what followed was a very good game of rugby 7s.

Following a even couple of minutes, Lugi eventually broke down Malmö’s left flank through a series of good offloads and solid support play. Once Lugi got near to the opposition’s line, it was another offload that finally unlocked the Malmö defence with Malin scooting over the line following Sara Kaminsky’s work in the tackle. Following the kick-off, Malmö maintained a good spell of possession, and with Lugi unable too force a turnover we eventually became stretched in defence, leading to a couple of good offloads allowing Malmö to break through the middle and score. With time running on in the half, the ladies did well to keep the ball away from the opposition, but soon came a cropper as indecision with the ball in midfield led to a turnover and Malmö getting on the edge of our defence to score once again. The half time score would see Malmö with a slim 12-5 lead.

Shortly after the second half began, the ladies were gifted possession on a penalty after the kick off but quickly gave the ball back to Malmö who once again took good care of the ball, eventually getting the ball to their speedster from 20 meters out and the scoreboard ticked over to 17-5.

In the past, Lugi heads would have dropped at this point, but the girls showed their mettle with a quick reply after a midfield break by Martina eventually forced Malmö into a penalty. From there the ladies showed their abrasive side with some powerful running and Sara Kaminski ending the sequence by carrying three Malmö players over the line from a few meters out to bring the score back to 17-10.

One thing the team must improve on is their ability to refocus and regroup following their own scores, something that affected us in the previous round and once again reared its head in this match. With only seconds on the clock from the ladies pulling to within one score, they found themselves two scores down as Malmö glided around the outside of our defence straight from the kick off in order to score their fourth try of the game.

Even with the outright win looking a little off the cards the ladies still stuck to task, producing a fantastic defensive sequence to keep Malmö at bay and eventually forcing the turnover which Sonnenholzner pounced on with some footballing skills, only being denied a certain try by being tugged back by the last Malmö defender. The referee made the correct decision in awarding the penalty try, bringing an end to a well fought match even if it wasn’t in Lugi’s favour.

Final Score: Lugi 17 – 22 Malmö.

Qualifier Final vs. Malmö

Off the back of a fairly solid day’s rugby, Lugi once again found themselves in the qualifier final with Malmö meeting us there for one more tussle.

Our ladies took the initiative following a lineout near halfway, as Martina took a good short line to break through the Malmö defence and put us 5-0 up in a flash. Once again however, our opposition were afforded the opportunity to strike back after a short kick off lead to a penalty and a well executed set piece saw Malmö get around our defence for their first try and a 5-5 scoreline.

What followed from the Lugi girls was possibly the best passage of play in the entire day, resulting in three phases of possession (with a penalty thrown in) taking the team from their own 10 meter line to over the whitewash. Cornelia Norén once again dotting the ball down as just rewards for her two impactful carries in the sequence.

From there however, there would be no more Lugi scores with Malmö dominating in both possession as well as on the scoreboard. The game would turn on two Malmö kick offs, both being muffed by Lugi and both leading to trys, with our girls being afforded only once chance and being unable to capitalise. As it often is, it was these small margins that make the difference and whilst the girls were rightfully happy to come second, missing out on winning a second qualifier has provided lessons for them to take further in this year’s SM.

Final Score: Lugi 10 – 22 Malmö.

Next week our ladies will be back in action again in the third round of the qualifier in Trelleborg.


Point Totals

M. Vivlund – 22

C. Norén – 10

E. Sonnenholzer – 7

M. Andersson – 5

S. Olofsson – 5

A. Lindgren – 5

S. Kaminski – 5

Match Report: Ladies Win SM Round 1 Qualifier

With a long pre-season behind them it was finally time for the ladies to take on the rugby season’s premier 7s competition, SM 2016. With the new format across the country splitting Sweden up into North, West and South regions for qualifying places into the SM finals, the Lugi ladies have been pitted against Pingvin, Malmö and Ronneby in a series of four qualifying rounds.

Round one was to played in Trelleborg, home of the qualifiers number 1 ranked team, Pingvin, with Malmö ranked 2, Ronneby 3 and our ladies ranked 4th. With rankings based on various factors from last season, there was nothing for the ladies to be aggrieved about, but it certainly added a little more juice to the qualifier.

So, on a sunny Saturday in Skåne, Lugi set off down south with a squad of 9 girls, built around a growing core of experienced players and supplemented with a few new faces. The team sheet read as follows:

Top Row: Cecile Kaminski, Meliha Mehmeti, Malin Andersson, Sara Kaminski, Ross Watson (Coach)

Bottom Row: Sandra Olofsson, Martina Vivlund, Cornelia Nóren, Océane Chabrol, Elizabeth Sonnenholzner. 


Game 1 vs. Pingvin

The ladies first game came against the hosts, Pingvin, which would provide us with a good measuring stick for how we would fair on the day. The girls started off well and capitalised on Pingvin mistakes to get themselves close to the home team’s line before Elizabeth broke over from close range with some strong running. The advantage would not be held for long however, after poor tackling from the ensuing kick off allowed a line break and a offload to see Pingvin in under the posts. Unperturbed, the ladies hit right back following a fantastic break from Sandra Olofsson, who’s run was well supported by both Martina and Elizabeth, leading to her slightly wayward pass being collected and taken in by Sonnenholzner for the score.

So far the story of the game had been about the porosity of the defence from both sides and Pingvin’s next possession didn’t break the trend, as following a lack of Lugi defensive pressure and a series of nice offloads, the home team went over yet again under the posts.

The Lugi ladies were also first to strike in the second half, as a penalty move straight off of the training ground was perfectly executed and allowed Martina to finish off the try with some strong running. Once again though, the positives for Lugi were evened out with a lack of defensive execution as Pingvin hit straight back, getting around the edge of the Lugi defence to score the last and decisive try of the game. The end result was an even game of three trys apiece, but decided by just one kick.

Following the game, the whole team was very pleased with their performance and the loss felt more like a win, having put on some good rugby and started strong. Our weakness in defence was identified and the team resolved to improve on it going forward.

Final Score: Lugi 17 – Pingvin 19

Game 2 vs. Malmö

Following their strong performance at Håckes Cup, our local rivals Malmö were always going to be strong contenders in the Southern qualifying pool. This contest opened up a lot tougher and tighter than our first game, with our tackling up to the expected standard and Malmö matching us. The ladies defensive pressure, which was so lacking in the first game, was the key to the opening score in game 2, as our defence smothered Malmös backs near their own line, eventually causing a turnover through a fumbled ball and Olofsson being quick to gather and score. Malmö then enjoyed a good spell of possession, albeit deep in their own half, keeping the ball tight around the ruck and working the blind before finally getting the ball wide to their speedster, who was able to get on the outside of our defence to get over the line for the score. Despite the disappointment of allowing their key player on our outside, the defensive chase to deny an easy two point conversion was an exemplary note of the team effort and work that has been developed over recent seasons.

In previous seasons, the ladies play has been marred by drops in confidence and an inability to respond following opposition scores. Therefore, on of the day’s big positives was the team’s ability to stick to the gameplay and play the full 14 minutes as if it was 0-0. Following Malmös score, our ladies were able to hit back with aplomb after Olofsson made a great break after a scrum won against the head, and took us deep into Malmö territory. The score was finished off by the day’s Player’s Player, Meliha, who spotted the space blind off the ensuing breakdown and ran down the line to take Lugi ahead 10-5.

From there the game evened up, with both teams enjoying a fair amount of possession and having attacking phases quashed by a mixture of good defence and errors. With a game that could have gone either way with only a single try in it, it was Lugi that finished the game off after Malmö gave away a penalty on their own 22, allowing Sonnenholzner to execute a near perfect chip and chase and see herself over the line on the last play.

Final Score: Lugi 15 – Malmö 5

Game 3 vs. Ronneby

The ladies final pool game came against a team that has slowly been on the rise in the south, and who are no longer to be taken lightly following a series of good results in recent tournaments. A win in this final pool game would give our girls a shot in the qualifier final against Pingvin.

After a spluttering start to the game from both teams, Lugi’s defensive pressure once again earned them a score, this time for Ronneby native Cornelia, who scooped up a Sonnenholzner offload to cross the whitewash. The following muffed kick-off and swarming Lugi defence allowed Elizabeth to get a score of her own and go under the posts following a nice step. With Ronneby looking a little deflated and following a series of mistakes near their own line, Martina was able to crash over for score number three following a close range penalty and a slick offload out the back from Sonnenholzner.

With the Lion’s tails up in the second half the play started to really flow and the girls once again got rewarded for their willingness to work in support of one another in the form of multiple offloads going to hand down the right flank before the ball finally landed into the arms of Vivlund on the wing, who tip-toed her way down the line for another score. The final high note of the game came from our flying French winger Océane, who found herself rewarded for her excellent support during the whole day as she finished off nicely following some slick hands and offload off a Ronneby turnover.

The remainder of the game served as a warning for the team, as attacking shape began to be lost and the girls fought a lot of their battles around the breakdown instead of out wide, leading to a scrappy finally quarter. Nonetheless, the ladies had deservedly put themselves through to the final and were happy with the rugby they had produced and their smothering defensive effort.

Final Score: Lugi 27 – Ronneby 0

Game 4, Final vs. Pingvin

Having secured themselves a place in the final, the Lugi Lions found themselves up against the team that had seen them off in the day’s opening game. The ladies confidence in themselves and their rugby had been building throughout the day and they were ready to take on the home team and the crowd in what promised to be an interesting encounter.

Similar to game one, the ladies got off to a flyer as following a scrum in our own half, Martina was able to take advantage of a slip in Pingvin’s midfield to go 80 meters untouched for the score. If ever there was an omen that this was the ladies final to take, it came on the ensuing conversion attempt as Martina’s conversion received a solid helping hand from the crossbar to get the ball over and take Lugi 7-0 in the lead.

Despite the good fortune, things got wobbly in the following minutes for Lugi as Pingvin pressure and a lack of handling execution saw the girls pushed back from the opposition’s 22 to nearly conceding at their own end on multiple occasions, saved only by some last ditch tackling and Pingvin handling errors.

It was said handling errors that allowed Lugi to get the opening score of the second half, as good awareness and work on the ground from Meliha allowed Martina to take advantage of an open blindside to run in for the score and take us to 14-0. With the minutes beginning to tick away, Pingvin started to exert some pressure on the Lugi line following a well placed clearance kick. Eventually this pressure from the white and black of the home team saw them over in the corner following a blindside move from an attacking scrum, clawing the score back to 14-5.

With only a minute left in the game, the hammer blow was delivered by Lugi following some mazy running by Mehmeti off the kick-off softened up the defence enough for Cornelia to put on a nice step and strong run to break the Pingvin line, before showing a clean pair of heels for the score.

With the score standing at 21-5, the game was dead and buried and our girls rightly celebrated an excellent qualifier win!

Final Score: Lugi 21 – Pingvin 5

Following a very successful day, the team was quite rightly overjoyed and thoroughly pleased with some of the rugby that was produced, but realised that there are plenty of aspects of their game that can be improved on and more hard work needs to be put in to up their game before the next round, which is sure to prove even more competitive. More than anything it showed the team the rewards that can be reaped from hard work and dedication on the training field and has given them a long awaited qualifier win.

Finally, a big thank you should be given to Pingvin for an impeccably run qualifier and all the teams involved for a great day of competitive games.

Team Awards

Player’s Player – Meliha Mehmeti

Newbie – Océane Chabrol

Coaches’ Player – Whole Team

Point Totals

M. Vivlund – 35

E. Sonnenholzer – 20

C. Norén – 10

M. Mehmeti – 5

S. Olofsson – 5

O. Chabrol – 5




Håckes Report – Ladies


As has become customary, the Swedish rugby year got kicked off with Håckes Cup in Tipshallen, Växjö. With the ladies section expanding to twelve teams this year, seeding had taken place for the drawing of groups and the ladies found themselves in what many would consider the toughest group, facing last year’s champions Gothenburg, perennial contenders Tabusoro Angels, and a always physical Vänersborg team.

With the original idea of going as North 2 South, the team had been open to players from across Sweden as a form of invitational team to start with, but with a strong turnout from our own players (unusual, we know), we decided for the team to go as Lugi and add in a couple of extra girls.

In the end the team sheet read: Malin Andersson, Tyra Bremborg, Cecile Kaminski, Sara Kaminski, Agnes Lindgren, Meliha Mehmeti, Sandra Olofsson, Elizabeth Sonnenholzner, Ida Tadic, Martina Vivlund with Josefine Devine (Uppsala), Sara Sundler (Uppsala) and Maddy Sala (Wexiö).

The focus for the tournament, as with previous Håckes Cups, was put on working on the basics of 7s play, learning to play with our newer players, and getting our rugby legs back under us before the upcoming season of SM 7s.

With the first game against Vänersborg, the team set its sights on what was realistically their most winnable game going on Gothenburg and Tabusoro’s recent history. One thing the team has always seemed to lack in the past was the ability to start fast, but this year the team turned things on their head and were clearly the side that were ready to play from the off. Lots of early defensive pressure and some lovely attacking play allowed Agnes Lindgren in for the first score. Pressure from the following kick off and Vänersborg giving away a penalty close to their own line allowed Elizabeth Sonnenholzner to increase the lead with step inside that secured a quick brace and a 14-0 lead.

In the second half, the game evened up considerably, with both teams committing errors to put themselves under unwanted pressure. However, it was Vänersborg’s who took advantage following a Lugi turnover in midfield, as their speedster was gifted an almost unchallenged run in for a try. In previous seasons, this might have been a cause for heads to drop, but Lugi riposted immediately from the ensuing kick off with Sonnenholzner identifying the space and having beaten two defenders executed a textbook 2v1 to see Martina Vivlund rewarded for her close support with a run in try from half way.

The remained of the game was played out in the opposition’s half, with the ladies being unable to take advantage of the added pressure they put on. Final score, Lugi 19 – Vänersborg 7.


Following a very good start to the tournament, spirits were high, but with two of the tournaments best teams left to face, the players knew we were in for a fight in our last two games of day one. Unfortunately, neither game turned out to be much of a contest with Gothenburg and Tabusoro both running in 40 points on our girls. A combination of team rotation, inexperience and the higher class of opposition meant that our girls were ever really in the games, despite having very positive spells in both. Despite the scoreline, the team learnt some valuable lessons and felt more than prepared for day two in the bowl competition.


Click here to watch the games on Youtube


Due to the aforementioned seeding and perhaps a lack of competition foresight, the girls were drawn to face Vänersborg again to open up the second day.  The opening to the game was a lot more even in comparison to the first contest, with both teams having good spells of possessions and scrambling well in defence following promising breaks. Once again, Lugi were the first to strike following a tap penalty near the oppositions line and some quick hands, Meliha Mehmeti crashed over in the corner after a quick step inside. The rest of the half played out in a similar fashion, with both teams creating good openings but ultimately failing to finish opportunities. The second half then became a tense affair, once again both teams matching each other evenly and absorbing periods of sustained pressure. However, it was Lugi that were the first to crack following some poor decision making in their own 22 and turning over possession to Vänersborg, with the team from the west quickly taking advantage and managing to get themselves over in the corner following some strong running.

With the game on a knife edge and bodies and brains beginning to tire, it was Vänersborg that ultimately made the step up, scoring almost immediately from the following kick off after a Lugi mistake at the breakdown. With only a couple of minutes to go, and a score down, Lugi got a final chance after some quick thinking and a good break from Martina Vivlund got the team deep into the oppositions 22, ultimately however the attack fizzled out following a little poor handling and good defensive pressure. With desperation setting in, Vänersborg managed to run in the final score of a hotly contested game in the dying seconds and with that the Lugi Ladies were sent into the 11th-12th place playoff to face Sandviken Old Stars.

Lugi_Rugby___lugirugby__•_Instagram_photos_and_videos 2

Despite the disappointment of the mornings earlier loss, the team was resolute that they would finish the weekend with a win against the team that had been ranked fifth coming into the tournament, despite having failed to record a win in any of their games. The Old Stars were unfortunately low on numbers and morale and whilst you can only beat the team that’s in front of you, the game ended up being a one way affair as Lugi ran in 36 points to 0, even if they had had a penalty-ridden opening three minutes. A big positive from the game was the playing time given to some of our lesser experienced girls and the ability to try new combinations of players whilst still keeping our foot on the pedal. Whilst it may not have been the greatest game to finish on, it was still good to go home with another win.

All in all, the team enjoyed their weekend, learning together and playing some good rugby. The lessons learned from our opening tournament will be invaluable as we move into the season and we will continue to build.