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Lugi Lions Fantasy League

Published by Jim on

The 2011 Rugby World Cup in less than two weeks away!

And so I am pleased to announce that it is that time again ladies and gentlemen: time to start putting together your fantasy rugby team. Signing up is free and can be done at: espnscrum.fantasyleague.com.

Following the 6 Nations earlier this year, I must admit disappointment at allowing a former player – and a pommie bastard, no less – walk away with the glory. It was however a long and close fought battle, with many bruised egos and lost beer-bets.


I think us local lads can do a lot better this time. But of course, we will keep the competition open to anyone associated with the club: past, present, future, friend or family.

The Lugi League has the imaginative name of ‘Lugi Lions’ and has the PIN number 1372.

So read up on the rules and start thinking about your team. This is what you’re up against.


The first round games are as follows:

  • New Zealand vs Tonga
  • Scotland vs Romania
  • Fiji vs Namibia
  • France vs Japan
  • Argentina vs England
  • Australia vs Italy
  • Ireland vs USA
  • South Africa vs Wales