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Match Report: Gents vs. Malmö

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The report written below has been written by Joakim Thilén.

First game of the season. What can be better than to play against our rivals Malmö.
The game started off at a fairly high pace. After winning the ball back from the scrum. Lugi got a penalty right infront of the uprights. The penalty kick was called for but unfortunately missed. This occurred twice whilst Malmö managed to score a penalty kick in the first half.
Simon Lundqvist showed his skills as a rugbyplayer and scored a try for Lugi in the first half. To bad this was the only points scored by Lugi.
In the end of the first half unfortunately Jonno had to leave the field due to a split eyebrow as well as a headache (tackling technique is on the schedule…), replaced by Emil who stepped forward and showed the way.

Malmö displayed their backline skills that Lugi’s defense had a tough time to stop. Malmös hard running backs gave them the tries needed to win the game.
Due to Malmö being quick and strong into the rucks Lugi spent a lot of time defending which was done well with a lot of heart. Sebbe Hylander took on a lot of work in defense which saved the Lugi Lions several times.


In the second half Lugi received a yellow card. Which made Lugi struggle even more in defense, After the yellow card was played out Lugi fired up with some new found energy and stepped up to Malmös good rucking.
Sebbe Hylander found himself at scrumhalf between the backs and the forwards. The backs yelled for the ball to be played wide while the forwards screamed for short balls and pick ‘n’ goes. Therefore happened what’s described next:
In the last 15 minutes of the second half Lugi decided to display some old school rugby. By doing crash balls and pick ‘n’ goes for 15 minutes straight. This type of rugby was successful and showed the capability of the forwards in the team (Emil, Viktor and Axel deserves a mention for their hard work).
Lucas played his first game of rugby today and did so with great courage and heart.
Unfortunately Lugi where found defeated with 35-5 when the final whistle blew. This first game of the season showed Lugi what has to be worked on for the future.

Here is a short report written by me. My thoughts about the game.