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Match Report: Gents vs. Pingvin B

Match Report by Joacim Thilén

Since the third half was long and wet, today’s report will be a bit shorter…

Saturday’s game could have become the game that would be called the comeback of the year or even the decade. In the first half Lugi where struggling to keep the defensive line especially when Pingvin shifted the ball across their backline. This resulted in several tries that all were converted.

Not helping in the first half was a yellow card given to myself. No need to take the details, but it was a fair call and stupidly made by me.

After a hard first half that ended 28-0 to Pingvin. In the paus Lugi talked a lot about keep fighting and not giving up. From the sideline it was also clear that Lugis attack was effective as long as we cut out the mistakes.

For the second half most of the bench was subbed in. Its interesting how much easier it is to see the weak points when you are on the sideline. So the new players coming on knew what had to be done to stop the try-machine Pingvin.

In the second half Lugi really fired up and started to play with the passion that the game required. The centers started to put in some serious tackles in the backline which was very effective to stop Pingvin attacking. Lugi also started to stick to the game plan that has been worked on. Several planned moves were executed with accuracy close to perfection. And now this was starting to show on the scoreboard.

In the last play of the game Lugi had the ball and the score was 29-33 in advantage of Pingvin. Lugi worked hard to try once again to steal the candy from the children. Unfortunately Pingvins defense stepped up and the final whistle was blown.
Final score 29-33 to Pingvin.

A round of applause should go to the following:
The two headgeared South Africans who showed how rugby should be played.
The surfer, who makes it look so easy to run around an entire team by yourself.
Björn Davidsson for running the touchflag on the far-side. Its small thing to do, but its a great help to the team!!!

I hate to loose. The only thing that comforted me in this sad moment was the fact that Lugi stepped up big time in the second half and never gave up the game.

Men vs Pingvin B

Viktor Cordes 2
Anele Gela 1
Jordan Foster 1
Francois 1

Tobias Magnusson 4 points

Match Report: Gents vs. Pingvin B

Report courtesy of Joakim Thilén.

After the loss to Malmö in April the Lugi team has been working hard on training. A lot of the trainings have been focused on getting the scrum to work as one unit as well as the backs to find their running lines in attack. A lot of the trainings have also contained a fair amount of contact.
Saturday 14th of May at 14:00 Lugi kicked off against Pingvin in Trelleborg. Almost immediately from start one could see that the hard work at trainings were paying off. Hard hits were put in all across the field.

Daniel, Eric and Anton started their first XV-aside game ever. Daniel showed Lugi that he is a second rower to count on, giving good pressure in the scrums as well as making his way to most of the rucks in the game. Now from a hard working forward to a good looking back, Eric had his first touch of the ball of an off load from Jordan and decided that the only reasonable thing to do in one’s first match of the career is to score the opening try.

In every Lugi players mind there have always been this belief that we are a small team and that we are not supposed to play any forwards game. Fielding a scrum that to my knowledge carries over 750 kg is not a small team, specially not in division 2. The decisions taken during the game also showed that this belief belongs to the past. Lugi’s forwards won most of there own feeds as well as some of Pingvins. In the line outs we stole some throws of Pingvin as well as putting up an 8 man maul of the throw. The maul was created outside the 22 and mauled onto the 5-meter line were Sebastian could easily break loose and score Lugi’s second try.

Half time the score board showed 12-5 in advantage of Lugi.

Team Photo

Team Photo

In the second half Lugi struggle with finding the passion and the discipline that a game this close requires. Pingvin brought on a lot of fresh legs while Lugi where struggling to find the pace of the game. Due to the lack of discipline a lot of penalties where given away and Pingvin could score twice.
After Pingvin’s second try of the second half Lugi managed to fire up. The wannabee-back, the sidestepping prop, Viktor was told to report for backline duty. He took his duty with pride, after a quick ruck the boll was delivered to Viktor and he delivered a try in return.
Lugi continued to play with passion and working hard. All the hard work from Lugi resulted in Olof and Jonno having their own competition about who had the most cramp as well as Viktor finding it hard to lift his arm.

In the final minute the score was 19-24 in advantage of Pingvin. As true rugby players Lugi were set to play till the whistle blows. From outside 22 Jordan decided to show off his stepping skills that he normally use on the dancefloor, by pretty much stepping or outrunning half of Pingvin’s defense by himself he managed to score a try close to the posts. The score was at this point 24-24. A conversion was to be made by Tobias.

While Lugi jogged back to set up for kick off a passionate motivational speech was held by myself. In the meanwhile Tobias had measured up his steps for the kick, taken the three steps up to the ball and kicked it right in between the uprights! Score 26-24. The ref decided that this was the end of the game and blew the final whistle. Lugi have won there first XV-aside game of the season!

To win a game in this way feels a little bit like stealing candy from a child. You feel a bit bad about yourself but then when you taste the candy the bad feelings soon go away!

Big thank you to Pingvin for hosting us, as well as putting up a great effort in the game. Next Saturday Pingvin are coming to Centrala IP for the re-match. Im assuming that both teams will be working hard on trainings to put up yet another great game!

Sebastian Johansson 5 points
Eric Gemryd 5 points
Jordan Foster 5 points
Viktor Cordes 5 points
Tobias Magnusson 6 points (3/4)

Starting XV
1 Viktor
2 Sebbe
3 Olof
4 Rasmus
5 Daniel
6 Jocke
7 Truls
8 Jonno
9 Jordan
10 Tobias
11 Lucas
12 Anele
13 Eric
14 Fredrik
15 Krzysiek


Match Report: Gents vs. Malmö

The report written below has been written by Joakim Thilén.

First game of the season. What can be better than to play against our rivals Malmö.
The game started off at a fairly high pace. After winning the ball back from the scrum. Lugi got a penalty right infront of the uprights. The penalty kick was called for but unfortunately missed. This occurred twice whilst Malmö managed to score a penalty kick in the first half.
Simon Lundqvist showed his skills as a rugbyplayer and scored a try for Lugi in the first half. To bad this was the only points scored by Lugi.
In the end of the first half unfortunately Jonno had to leave the field due to a split eyebrow as well as a headache (tackling technique is on the schedule…), replaced by Emil who stepped forward and showed the way.

Malmö displayed their backline skills that Lugi’s defense had a tough time to stop. Malmös hard running backs gave them the tries needed to win the game.
Due to Malmö being quick and strong into the rucks Lugi spent a lot of time defending which was done well with a lot of heart. Sebbe Hylander took on a lot of work in defense which saved the Lugi Lions several times.


In the second half Lugi received a yellow card. Which made Lugi struggle even more in defense, After the yellow card was played out Lugi fired up with some new found energy and stepped up to Malmös good rucking.
Sebbe Hylander found himself at scrumhalf between the backs and the forwards. The backs yelled for the ball to be played wide while the forwards screamed for short balls and pick ‘n’ goes. Therefore happened what’s described next:
In the last 15 minutes of the second half Lugi decided to display some old school rugby. By doing crash balls and pick ‘n’ goes for 15 minutes straight. This type of rugby was successful and showed the capability of the forwards in the team (Emil, Viktor and Axel deserves a mention for their hard work).
Lucas played his first game of rugby today and did so with great courage and heart.
Unfortunately Lugi where found defeated with 35-5 when the final whistle blew. This first game of the season showed Lugi what has to be worked on for the future.

Here is a short report written by me. My thoughts about the game.

Time for Membership Fees



It’s that time of year and with our treasurers email going out just before the weekend, here’s the info you need to know to get your membership paid.

The account to pay to is Plusgiro 797887-7.

The types of memberships are as follows;

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Senior Half Year/Full Year: 800/1500 SEK

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Please make it clear who and what is being paid for on your bank message.


Björn Wennerlund, Treasurer.

Match Report: Gents vs. Vetlanda

Lugi continued their winning ways with another away victory against Vetlanda Rugby Club. The players met at the Lion’s Den on Saturday and everyone was enthusiastic to play but even more eager to get back to Lugi’s home for the post game beer pong tournament.  We  left the sister city to Gomorrah (Lund)  around 11:30 heading, to God country with 18 players nicely packed in two mini buses with three cases of beer and a bottle of the vile Danish piss known as Gammel Dansk.


After a three hour drive we finally reached the rugby pitch which was on the outskirts of a wet Jönköping. The rugby gods blessed us with perfect rugby conditions as the pitch was soft and moist, ideal for our “playing the ball wide” game plan.  The game started with a kickoff from Vetlanda, which was easily collected from our forwards; from then on, things didn’t go as planned. Bad decision making from Lugi resulted in Vetlanda easily retaining the ball and they continued to control the game. After a couple of line breaks from Vetlanda’s backline, Lugi soon realized that they could easily lose, and that they needed to get their heads into the game. Luckily for Lugi, Chris “The Australian” O’Conner spotted an opening in the Vetlanda defense and managed to score a try under the posts. The rest of the Lugi players woke up and Lugi started playing their famous style of rugby.  The next lugi try came from a set play where the ball was passed along the line until William “Bum Bum” Bickford stretched over to score the try.  Fitness however was not on Bum Bum’s side that day and he had to leave the field, giving new Lugi Lion Anthony “The Scientist” Hawkins a chance to prove his skills in maroon.  Victor “The Sandman” Cordes was bumping players left and right, creating perfect off loads for his fellow forwards, which resulted in Sebastian “The Undertaker” Johansson  driving over the white line and leaving the halftime score at 19-0 for Lugi.


Lugi continued with their game strategy of playing quick ball throughout the second half, increasing their lead against Vetlanda.  Carl “The Wrecking Ball” Lindblom crashed over a couple of times after running great support lines. Iain “Ginger” Lednor caused havoc on the field both defensively and offensively. He ran around players with his lighting speed, and created space with his awe inspiring agility, which allowed Paul “The English Bulldog” Brazier to score in the corner.  The one player who dominated in nearly every aspect of the game was man of the match Anele “The Belly” Gela. He repetitively broke the gain line and was a constant threat to Vetlunda with his crushing bone breaking tackles. It was thus fitting that after he danced around like a trailer park stripper; he scored the last try of the game.  The final score 76-0.

Team Line Up

1)Jocab Hasselbalch LB

2) Sebastian Johansson, 1 Try

3) Victor Cordes LB

4) Matthijs Mooy

5)Carl Lindblom 2 Try

6)Anele Gela 1Try

7)Conor Regan

8)Iain Lednor 3 Try

9)Sebastain Hylander LB

10)laury Renac

11)Fabian Nyberg LB

12)Chris O’Connor 2 Try

13)William Bickford 1Try

14)Paul Brazier LB 1 Try

15) Tobias Magnusson  LB

16)James Webb

17)Anthony Hawkins 1 Try


LB Lugi Born- Lugi is their first rugby club