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SM gold for our ladies

Published by Lisa on

Last saturday was a big day for our girls! After bronze in 2019 and silver in 2020, it was time for the next medal: The gold medal! This medal is part of a long journey that dates more than 5 years back and is the result of the commitment, work and dedication of a lot of players, coaches and people off the pitch!

As part of a collaborative regional team “Skånelaget”, together with Malmö and Pingvin from Trelleborg, our Lugi Ladies have been competing in the southern league the last two and a half months. As the top team of the southern table, they faced Enköping in the semifinals on the first weekend of October on our home pitch in Lund with a clear win to Skåne by 50-06. With a majority of the girls in the team being Lugi Ladies, the final was played last saturday in Gylle outside of Trelleborg. After an even, intense first half, our own Malin Lindström intercepted the ball in the second half after a line out, scored a try after which many more tries would follow. The final result 36-8 meant, Skåne had won SM gold!!

A big thank you goes to all the people involved in this! Our own Ladies coach Ross Watson who has been shaping the Skånelaget journey for several years and our team manager Therese Grennard and Co. for all the work behind the scenes.

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