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Shades of Rugby 2013

Last year the ladies team decided to make a calendar to celebrate Lugi Lions RFC 40th anniversary. “Shades of Rugby 2012” was a huge success among family, friends and  within the swedish rugby community and this is why we have decided to make another one. We are now working on Read more…

Lugi RK vs. Stockholm Exiles, August 6th

The fifth chapter of our 2011 season took place in Lund, in our second home game. This time we were facing Stockholm Exiles, a team well known for their fast and fierce players. It was the 6th August and it was our first game after a three week break from rugby practice, well deserved if you ask me. The weather was perfect, warm and almost no wind at all. We entered the pitch with 15 players, new personal goals, great self-confidence and with the mind set of have fun no matter what. As some of you readers might know, I was one of the 15 players on the pitch this day and I find it hard to remember details about the game and how we played. I’ll try my best to tell you an over-all story about the game and its highlights.


The 7 a side Swedish Championships, 1-2 of July 2011

 It was a Friday morning and a team of twelve players and two coaches entered Halmstad, this years host city of the 7 a side Swedish championships. The weather was good, cloudy but warm and almost no wind at all. In swedish we call it ”riktig svenskt sommarväder”. The team consisted of Malin Olofsson, Martina Vivlund. Emmy Westerdahl, Mia-Maria Nordlund, Anna Thynell, Anne Franzén, Gabriella Westerdahl, Teresia Bengtsson, Caroline Lindberg, Louise Ericsäter, coach Stefan Tunfors and assistant coach Kerstin Lövendahl, the dream team if you ask us.

This match report is going to be a little bit different from the previouse ones. This time the story is going to be told by two of the newest members of the ladies team. Not only are we going to tell you the story about how we came together as a team but also how we recaptured the spirit of the game, had plenty of fun and played some top quality rugby. We are also going to tell you our personal views of the two days, the view through the eyes of our two beginners and combine it with details that our assistant coach, Kerstin Lövendahl, wanted to share.