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Season kick off on Saturday!

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Season is knocking on the door and 6 months full of rugby is just about to start.

As you all probably know we have our first game on Saturday against Helsingborg.

Massive game!

First league game, derby, home park, big fit squad and hopefully cracking weather and a big crowd.

We´ve had a good build up for this game so I hope everyone is up for it!

We´ve been training well through the winter up at Linero, had guest coaches from England, , a few club games, easter tournament in Trelleborg and to finish off with +30 guys at training on Thursday!

This season come with some changes in the club. Rob is handing over his coaching job to J-P from our community club Waysiders/ Drumpellier in Scotland. Rob has been coaching us for 4 years now and has done a great job. He managed to get a struggling team of 7-8 players to a squad of +35! His biggest target was to be able to field a full Swedish side, and of course did he make it. We have now got around 20 guys born and raised around Lund!

He will still hang about the club and be the “Director of rugby” (he made it up himself cause it sounds cool, but we can let him have it for all he has done for Lugi).

So cheers to Rob for everything he has done for us and Lugi and thanks to Ulrika for the understanding of his love and passion for the sport.

We are not just getting a new coach but I´m also handing over the honour of being captain to Ian “Bungy” Young. He´s got plenty of rugby experience and great leadership skills so I´m more than happy to pass it on to him. I hope you all will respect and help him as much as you have done for me during my years as captain. So good luck Bungy, I´m really looking forward to play for you and I´m sure we´re going to have a great season.

Cheers for me and I´ll catch you all down the park on Saturday!

1,2,3 Brothers!