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Easter Weekend at Trelleborg

Published by Jim on

Hi guys & gals. I hope everyone is ready for the Easter games at Trelleborg this weekend. We received the following information about the tournament.

Friday 22nd:

  • 13:00 (approx.) Arrival of Trojan
  • 15:00 Kick off Pingvin v Trojan 15 a side
  • 18:00 (approx.) arrival of Lady Bears
  • 19:00 Joint dinner at the club
  • Party at the club

Saturday 23rd:

  • 9-10:00 Arrival of other teams
  • 11:00 Kick off first game of the day (Most likely Trojan v Gripen)
  • 11:00 – 17:00 Mens 15 and ladies 7 a side games.
  • 17:30 (approx.) lady Bears 15 v Skåne 15
  • 18:20 (approx.) Viking Touch Rugby Game (special rules, special costumes, special balls!)

Game schedule is being finalized today.

The grill is open both days and the usual rugby beverages are available.

May I suggest meeting at the clubhouse at 8.15 on Saturday morning? Paolo will be in Dirkadirkastan and us Malmö crew will be leaving from here directly. Last time I gave you peeps the space to self-organise it was a catastrophe so can those with cars kindly make themselves known?