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The on-line shop is up and running!

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Ladies and Gentleman,
we can proudly announce that the Lugi Lions on-line shop is finally up and running! Carry around the club’s colorswhile contributing a little to our economy!
Here is how it works. Click on the banner under the calendar on the right side of the home page: you’ll be redirected to the Errea website. If it’s your first purchase, you’ll need to create your own personal account (“logga in/skapa konto”). . Very important: to see our Lugi stuff with prices you need to put in the club code (14402785) during your registration! Once you are registered and logged in you can display the item for sale clicking on “Klubprofil” (up left). You can now browse and select what you like, pay it with your own credit card and choose if you want your stuff to be shipped to the club for free or to your place paying an extra fee. If you want extra customization of your purchases, Errea can print what you want charging extra:
Big name on the back (40cm) SEK 79: –
Small name on the chest (10cm) 45: –
Initial 28: –
Note that match gears (shorts, jerseys and socks) won’t be available on line and will be still for sale only at the club as usual (we are about to order jerseys: ask Paolo if you want one).

The shop menu is all but unchangeable: write your feedbacks, questions and suggestions to kontakt@lugirugby.com .