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Saturday the 16th: full program

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Long day at Lugi Lions Clubhouse next Saturday. Both Ladies and Gents teams will have a bit of training, then in the afternoon the Gents team will play a friendly game with Göteborg RC and the evening will go on with our Lugis Spring Party. The new Gents playing suit will be presented as well.

Here’s the complete schedule (some variations may occur):

  • 10.30 Men’s team players meet at the clubhouse
  • 10.30 – 12.00 Men’s training session (not at the club)
  • 11.00 Women’s team scrum training
  • 14.00 – 16.00 Lugi – Göteborg
  • 18.00 – ??? Lugi massive Spring party.

Everybody is welcome to join the party: bar will be open, pork will be on the fire, music and rugby on the screen will entertain us, and the braves will try and survive our party theme.

More and more often the Humankind is threatened by all sort of “Disasters and Catastrophes”. Just in the past few years we faced earthquakes, epidemies and floods, not to mention famine and wars all around the world. We as a rugby club cannot ignore all this, but we cannot even give way to pity and resignation. We are rugby players! We react! We strike back! That’s why you are all requested to come to the Spring Party kitted and ready to face every kind of “Disasters and Catastrophes” you can reasonably predict (well, reasonably is definitely a misleading word here).

A lot can happen while you’re there enjoying your pork: surviving or perishing is a matter of equipment and readiness. What kind of dangers will you be exposed to? Gods know…

Get ready for the first and most politically incorrect Lugi Party 2011