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Gent’s Meeting 17/1

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To all players of the mens team. All of you who have thoughts of playing during the upcoming season are requested to come to the playersmeeting NEXT monday (17/1) at the clubhouse. The meeting will start at 6.30, be on time.

This is a important meeting that we need to have before the season starts as all of us need to know the plans for the upcoming season and we must know how many players there are available. This season we will have a new manegment that will be presented at the meeting.

We all need to discuss the the thought for the season and need to lay out plans for how the season will be. Amongst, tournaments to go to. There are several available for us and we need which to go to. Also the possibility to go to a end of season tour.

If you cant make it to the meeting call 0704503581 or 07068261155.