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Time for Membership Fees



It’s that time of year and with our treasurers email going out just before the weekend, here’s the info you need to know to get your membership paid.

The account to pay to is Plusgiro 797887-7.

The types of memberships are as follows;

Support Membership: 300 SEK

Kids, Youth & Old Boys: 600 SEK

Senior Half Year/Full Year: 800/1500 SEK

Family Membership: 800 SEK

Please make it clear who and what is being paid for on your bank message.


Björn Wennerlund, Treasurer.

Young Lions at USM

The victorious U16 team featuring seven Lugi boys.

The victorious U16 team featuring seven Lugi boys.

Once a year, the youth of the Swedish Rugby Union take part in a festival of our sport at the Swedish Youth Championships (USM) to not just compete against other, but to meet and enjoy playing alongside other rugby nuts!

This year, the tournament was held in Enköping in conjunction with the national team’s European Cup test against Belgium. In previous years, Lugi’s participation in the event has been minimal due to our lack of youth structure, but this year things were different with the club sending up a total of 14 participants (everything is relative), who played alongside our fellow Skånings from Pingvin (U8s – U16s) and Malmö (U18s).

Our players were as follows:

U18s – Truls Sassner and Joseph Al-Rawi.

U16s – Diogo Soares, Max Andreani, Gustav Kärrholm, Oscar Wahlström, Dag Blomgård, Eskil Bergnehr Smith and Daniel Ringwald.

U12s – Benjamin Wennerlund.

U10s – Joseph Wennerlund, Cedrik Oscarsson, Samuel Löve.

U8s – Maxim Löve.

The U10s as part of Pingvin.

The U10s as part of Pingvin.

Whilst the undoubted focus for our players was on enjoyment and their growth as rugby players, both the U18s and U16s made big enough impacts to help their respective teams walk away with SM golds at the end of the weekend, a big congratulations to them all on such a fantastic achievement.

At our lower age groups, reports on how our young Lions performed were glowing, with every child helping their teams to achieve multiple victories through their abilities as individuals as well as their ability to work alongside children they had never met before in a team environment. Fantastic to hear!

We at Lugi are very proud of all our kids on their fantastic achievements this weekend and for us this is just the start for our youth section with our aim being to enter some of our own teams into next year’s event. The club would also like to thank all those who have taken time to assist and coach our young players and with special mentions to Björn Wennerlund and Ida Tadić who accompanied our players to Enköping and aided them from pitch side.

Images from the weekend can be found in our gallery.

Lugi continue work with Polhemskolan


Thanks to the generosity of our players giving up their free time, our club’s work with Polhemskolan continued last Thursday as we had the opportunity to show rugby to three more classes of 20-30 pupils from Polhemskolan in Lund.

Our training session with all the schools and organisations that we work with revolve around allowing the participants to experience some of the games cores skills and aspects such as passing and tackling in a fun and safe environment. Those that took part in the sessions all enjoyed themselves and there was some real raw talent on show, so we are looking forward to seeing some fresh faces at our regular training sessions down at Centrala IP.

As always, it’s a privilege for the club to be able to reach out to various organisations around Lund and show them a little of what our sport is all about. Thank you to our club members Viktor, Arvid, Anele and Sandra for delivering the sessions to the pupils of Polhemskolan.

Lugi Boys Feature in TUP Triumph in Denmark


From left: Diogo Soares, Oscar Wahlström, Gustav Kärrholm, Daniel Ringwald and Ross Watson.

Following the Talent Development Program’s (TUP) monthly training sessions focusing on the game’s core skills, the TUP Skåne boys finally had the opportunity to put all that they had learnt into practice in a game against a Danish team comprised off boys born 98-99. The game was played in sunny Copenhagen and the TUP team consisted of boys from the clubs Pingvin, Malmö and Lugi.

Starting spots were handed to Lugi’s Diogo Soares (hooker), Gustav Kärrholm (wing), Oscar Wahlström (first centre) with Daniel Ringwald selected as a replacement.

In a game that saw a fantastic team performance turn around a first half 14-0 deficit into 21-19 victory, pleasingly, our Lions all made a significant contribution on a individual level. Hooker Diogo Soares made his presence felt with a couple of excellent breaks around the fringes of the breakdown, Gustav was on hand to execute crucial and dominant tackles on the wing as well as contributing with his usual elusive running, Daniel showed remarkable assurance with ball in hand for only his second game and Oscar bagged TUPs opening try, having had the awareness to capitalise on the opposition’s mistake near their own goal area.

Following the game, the TUP coaches; Paul Wharton (Pingvin), Peter Ahlgren (MRC) and Ross Watson (Lugi) praised the boys for their efforts as a team after the initial rocky start, identifying one of the keys to the turnaround as coming from the boys’ ability to make positive tackles, which put constant pressure on the opposition’s ability to create effective attacking ball. This would have been particularly pleasing for the whole program, given that ‘tracking and tackling’ is one of the core skills that the TUP aims to develop in the boys pathway to higher levels of performance.

Footage of the game can be found on Youtube.

From here the TUP program hopes to play a return fixture against the Danish team, before taking on the other TUP regions at a date to be determined.


Lugi Rugbyklubbs Årsmöte 2014/Lugi Rugby Club’s Annual General Meeting 2014

Lugi Rugbyklubbs Årsmöte 2014

Dagordning (i enlighet med stadgarna)

1. Mötets öppnande

2. Fastställande av röstlängd

3. Val av ordförande

4. Val av sekreterare

5. Val av justeringsperson tillika rösträknare

6. Frågan om årsmötets behöriga utlysande och beslutsmässighet

7. Dagordningens godkännande

8. Styrelsens verksamhetsberättelse

9. Styrelsens förvaltningsberättelse (balans- och resultaträkning)

10. Revisionsberättelsen

11. Ansvarsfrihet för styrelsen

12. Medlemsavgift

13. Val av

a) Ordförande (2 år)

b) Halva antalet övriga ledamöter (2 år)

c) Suppleanter (1 år)

d) 2 st revisorer (1 år)

e) 2 st ledamöter till valberedningen

14. Behandling av inkomna motioner

a) Motion till Lugi Rubyklubbs årsmöte angående byte av klubbnamn

15. Övriga frågor

16. Mötets avslutande

Lugi Rugby Club’s Annual General Meeting 2014

Agenda (according to club constitutions)

1. Opening of meeting

2. Count of eligible voters

3. Election of chairperson

4. Election of secretary

5. Election of minutes-reviewer and vote monitor

6. Decision on if Yearly meeting has been correctly notified of an decision on quorum exist

7. Approval of Agenda

8. Committee’s report

9. Treasurer’s report

10. Audit report

11. Freedom of liability for the committee

12. Membership fee

13. Election of

a. Chairperson ( 2 year )

b. Half the number of general committee members (2 years)

c. Alternate members (1 year)

d. Auditors ( 1 year)

e. Members of the nominating committee

14. Treatment of correctly submitted motions

a) Motion till Lugi Rubyklubbs årsmöte angående byte av klubbnamn

15. Any other business

16. Meeting is closed

Lugi Lions stadgar – senast uppdaterade 20140325 (1)

Dagordning Årsmötet 2013

Verksamhetsberättelse 2013